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10 Ways to Improve Your English Writing Skills Today

Source: Learning to write English can be a frustratingly slow process. Every time you think you have written a word-perfect piece, some wise guy comes along and points out a mistake that you just don’t see anything wrong with. But before you snap your pencil and throw your books out of the window, take a deep breath and consider this…  Firstly, you are probably a lot better at writing than you think. If those reading your written English understand what you mean, even though the grammar and spelling isn’t perfect, you’re half way there.  Secondly, you’d be surprised at just how many native English speakers struggle with writing, and just how many mistakes native speakers make in their written communications.  And lastly, writing skills are a combination of personal negligence, poor teaching, lack of proper feedback and few opportunities to put skills into practice. Whi

MALAYSIA: Experts worry over quality of young doctors

The Straits Times-ANN 29 November 2013 Issue No:298 Concerns are being raised about the quality of young doctors in Malaysia, with the country's biggest doctors' association raising the red flag on foreign medical colleges and experts also warning of sub-standard local training, writes Yong Yen Nie for The Straits Times-ANN . The Malaysian Medical Association, the main representative body for all doctors , has called on the government to review its list of recognised foreign medical colleges. Those that have failed to meet the government's mandatory standards, it said, should have their accreditation withdrawn. The problem is not only with foreign medical colleges , experts say. Over the years, the government has allowed a mushrooming of private medical colleges in the country, as it strives for developed nation status. Entry into one of the nine publicly funded medical schools is difficult as the number of places offered is limited. These pu

Cambodia at the New Frontier—an Address to the Royal School of Administratio

 Source:   By Christine Lagarde Managing Director, International Monetary Fund Phnom Penh, December 3, 2013   As prepared for delivery Good afternoon— tiveah sous- dey ! It is such a joy and privilege to be here today. Let me thank and acknowledge His Excellency Pech Bunthin, Minister for Civil Service, as well as His Excellency Dr. Sum Map, the Director of this great school. The Royal School of Administration is one of the premier academic institutions in Cambodia. Its job is to train the public servants of the future . It is a real center of excellence. You are here because you are the best and brightest talent in Cambodia. You are also here because of your unwavering dedication to public service, and to the noble virtue of helping and lifting up your fellow citizens. As someone who was a public servant in France, and who is an international public servant today, I thank you and I sa