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Lawyers Instructed to Seek Approval Before Speaking to Media

By Chin Chan - February 11, 2013 Lawyers must now obtain permission from the Cambodian Bar Association before speaking to television and radio media in order to ensure that they do not speak out of turn, the association’s president said in a meeting on Friday. “First, we want to ensure a high quality of law dissemination. Second, to ensure that explanations of the law to the public are correct, and third to ensure that lawyers adhere to high professional standards,” said Bun Honn, the association’s president. The new rule does not mean that lawyers would not be allowed to speak to the press, nor is it an attempt to stifle media freedom, Mr. Honn maintained, addressing Bar Association members at the organization’s Phnom Penh headquarters. “Lawyers can talk to the media, for example, about where a case is going but they can’t criticize a court’s judgment or say the verdict of the court is unfair,” he said when contacted by telephone later. Penalties for violating the

'Hostage' standoff at Acleda bank branch ends with five arrests

Last Updated on 24 January 2013 By Kim Yuthana, Sam Rith and Chhay Channyda       A suspected hostage situation that began Tuesday night was no more than an elaborately staged attempted heist of an Acleda Bank branch, police discovered late last night after apprehending the so-called kidnappers following a 30-hour standoff. Five men allegedly involved – including the acting branch manager and three other employees – were arrested by police yesterday in Kampong Cham province. According to provincial police chief Chhay Kimson, the alleged bank robbers had fabricated the hostage situation – with two suspects, one with a gun, masquerading as meth addicts – as a bizarre ruse after plans to rob the small bank branch in Stung Trang district’s Beak Anlung village took a turn for the worse when police caught wind of a situation at the bank. “Really, there were no hostages,” Kimson said late last night. “All of them are perpetrators. It is really an internal plan. We co

Freedom of information law dealt blow

Last Updated on 24 January 2013 By Meas Sokchea     Discussion of a long-awaited freedom of information law was shot down by the National Assembly yesterday, with ruling party officials claiming the draft version violated the constitution. Drafts floated by the Sam Rainsy Party had been repeatedly rejected by the National Assembly, though legal experts had been pushing for such legislation for years. Monitors had pointed out frequently that without public access to information, corruption will remain rampant. Yesterday, CPP lawmaker Chheang Vun, who is president of the Commission on Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation, Information and Media said the draft proposed by the SRP was not suitable for debate. “The draft law [as it stands] contrasts to the constitution and abuses sovereignty of King’s institution,” Vun said, declining to elaborate on the problems. The SRP maintained the draft had no such failings, and SRP spokesman Yim Sovann accused the rul

Top 10 Law Firms in the Kingdom of Cambodia

Chambers and Partners - Home 1 Bun & Associates THE FIRM Sources single out this firm as a market leader, highlighting its increasing appeal to foreign clients. The team's key areas of expertise include banking, foreign investments, real estate and commercial litigation. In the past year, it advised Minebea on business establishment and foreign investment regulations. Other key clients include CIMB Bank, HwangDBS Commercial Bank and Ajinomoto. Sources say: "We found their service comprehensive and responsive, which enabled us to meet our deadlines. The team was very professional and dedicated." KEY INDIVIDUALS Youdy Bun  is "dynamic, committed and has an international outlook." He recently advised a major local company on the acquisition of a USD60 million brewery plant. His impressive client roster also includes several foreign banks operating in Cambodia. Antoine Fontaine  is a popular choice among international firms, and is most no

កិច្ចសម្ភាសន៍ពី ស្ថានភាពមេធាវី កម្ពុជាបច្ចុប្បន្ន រវាងលោក សយ សុភាព និងលោកមេធាវី សុក ស៊ីផាន់ណា (មេធាវីដ៏ល្អជាអ្នករក ដំណោះស្រាយ ឲ្យអតិថិជនមិនមែន ឲ្យជំរុញកូនក្តី ខ្លួនឡើងតុលាការទេ)

Monday, 29 October 2012 12:08 ដោយ ៖ ដើមអម្ពិល(DAP): ID-078 ភ្នំពេញៈ បន្ទាប់ពីត្រូវបាន ក្រុមមេធាវីធ្វើការបោះឆ្នោត ផ្តល់សេចក្តីទុកចិត្ត ជាសមាជិក ក្រុមប្រឹក្សាគណៈមេធាវី នៃព្រះរាជាណាចក្រកម្ពុជា អាណត្តិ ទី៧ លោក សុក ស៊ីផាន់ណា បេក្ខភាពក្រុមប្រឹក្សា ដែលទើបនឹងជាប់ឆ្នោត បានផ្តល់បទសម្ភាសន៍ ជាមួយអគ្គនាយក មជ្ឈមណ្ឌលព័ត៌មាន ដើមអម្ពិល លោក សយ សុភាព ពីស្ថានភាព មេធាវីកម្ពុជាបច្ចុប្បន្ន ។ ខាងក្រោមនេះ ជាកិច្ចសម្ភាសន៍រវាងលោក មេធាវី សុក ស៊ីផាន់ណា និងលោក សយ សុភាព ជុំវិញនិងស្ថានភាព មេធាវីកម្ពុជាបច្ចុប្បន្ន ។ សយ សុភាពៈ បន្ទាប់ពីលោកជាប់ឆ្នោតជាសមាជិក ក្រុមប្រឹក្សាគណៈមេធាវី តើលោកមាន អ្វីដើម្បីចែករំលែក ជាអទិភាពចំពោះ មេធាវីកម្ពុជា ? សុក ស៊ីផាន់ណាៈ ខ្ញុំគិតថាមុនគេ យើងត្រូវពង្រឹងសមត្ថភាព មេធាវីក្មេងៗ ជំនាន់ក្រោយ ដែលចូល មកព្រោះ ការចេញ ពីសាលាមិនមែន មានន័យថា យើងចេះធ្វើការនោះទេ កុំច្រឡំឲ្យសោះ យើងចេញ ពីសាលាគឺចេះតែ ទ្រឹស្តី យើងមើលច្បាប់ យល់ប៉ុន្តែអត់ដឹង អនុវត្តន៍យ៉ាងម៉េចនោះទេ ? អ្វីដែល សំខាន់ ត្រូវមានការហ្វឹកហ្វឺន ដល់ ពួកគេឲ្យយល់ក្នុង ការប

Party over for Cambodia's daytime discos

Thursday, 06 September 2012 Mom Kunthear     The Ministry of Tourism has issued a nationwide directive to stop clubs and discos from operating in daylight hours because of the huge number of social problems associated with irregular partying hours. During a Phnom Penh Municipal Hall meeting on Monday, Governor Kep Chuktema issued his own enforcement directive that any clubs or discos opening during the day will be immediately shut down by City Hall. Phnom Penh Municipal Hall spokesman Long Dymang said that Chuktema was responding to the Ministry of Tourism directive on Monday when he ordered police, military police and other officials in all districts to ensure that clubs and discos open no earlier than 6pm. “Most people who go to nightclubs or discos in the daytime are secondary and high school students, and some also are university students,” Dymang pointed out. The venues’ practice of opening during the day caused students to cut class and encouraged general s

Payments illegal, says ACU chief

Tuesday, 31 July 2012 Stuart Alan Becker   Om Yentieng, president of the government’s Anti-Corruption Unit, speaks to a packed house last night at Sunway Hotel in Phnom Penh. Photograph: Heng Chivoan/Phnom Penh Post   People who make illegal facilitation payments to get government services will now face harsh penalties under Cambodia’s Anti-Corruption Law, just as the government officials who receive the money face charges, according to the President of Cambodia’s Anti-Corruption Unit. Speaking to a packed house last night at Sunway Hotel, the President of Cambodia’s Anti-Corruption Unit Orm Yentieng said the law was on the ACU’s side and that corruption in Cambodia was going to be reduced over time. “If you think your government salary is too low, you can get out of the position,” Orm Yentieng said, earning a round of applause. During his speech and question-and-answer session at the CAMFEBA event, attended by many of Phnom Penh’s business leaders, the ACU chief revi

India’s anti-alcohol laws: Inspector Killjoy

  A crackdown highlights the problems with a modern city’s archaic rules Jun 23rd 2012 | MUMBAI | from the print edition  IF A Bollywood scriptwriter had to dream up a killjoy cop, he would base him on Vasant Dhoble. Over the past month Mumbai’s police have been shutting down parties and confiscating bars’ music systems in a drive to regulate the city’s nightlife. Leading the drive has been Mr Dhoble, the head of the city police’s “social services” division. A stocky figure in his 50s sporting a moustache, Mr Dhoble has gained cartoon-villain status among hip Mumbaikers. An anti-Dhoble Facebook group has attracted over 20,000 members. Urbane newspapers witheringly describe him as a teetotal vegetarian. Bloggers have shared video footage that shows him roughing up employees at a juice bar, armed with a hockey stick. The crackdown intensified on May 20th, when officers broke up a party at a hotel. Guests were rounded

Nuon Chea’s lawyers to face the bar abroad

Monday, 02 July 2012, Bridget Di Certo Brother No 2 Nuon Chea’s defence lawyers had exhibited a “pattern of disregard” for their duties at the Khmer Rouge tribunal amounting to professional misconduct, Trial Chamber judges said in a decision on Friday. The judges had compiled enough “egregious examples of misconduct” by Dutch lawyer Michiel Pestman and American lawyer Andrew Ianuzzi to refer to the bar associations in Amsterdam and New York respectively for “appropriate action”. Both lawyers are now working on the case from abroad. Particularly “egregious” acts include Ianuzzi’s reference to Dr Dre lyrics when filing a motion for New Zealand Judge Silvia Cartwright to keep all her responses open and on the record after she was allegedly caught by the team mouthing the words “blah blah blah” while they were making submissions. The Trial Chamber, in its decision on the misconduct of judges said this allegation was false. Ianuzzi yesterday told the Post that he looked

USM takes the lead again

GEORGE TOWN: Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in Penang will lead the way to become the first tertiary institution in the country to establish a research chair on various projects through university-industry collaboration. USM vice-chancellor Prof Datuk Dr Omar Osman expressed hope that industry players, especially multinational companies (MNCs), will contribute the necessary funds to ensure the success of research projects. “It is important to have continuous engagement between universities and the industry to benefit the community. “We need between RM4mil and RM5mil for these projects. Therefore, the university would like to invite companies to invest 50% while we will bear the rest for further research proposals,” he told a press conference yesterday. Deputy Higher Education Minister Datuk Dr Hou Kok Chung was present to launch the ‘Community-University-Industry: One Rhythm One Aspiration’ collaborative event which saw over 150 representatives from various

Fake USM degree syndicate conned more than 20 people

NIBONG TEBAL: Three people detained in connection with fake Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) degrees have cheated more than 20 people in the last three months. Penang acting police chief Datuk Abdul Rahim Jaafar said members of a syndicate offered 'USM degrees' for sale at RM4,888 each via a specific website. "The modus operandi is to advertise the 'USM degrees' and ain access to USM database via a website," he told a press conference at Seberang Perai Selatan police headquarters here on Monday. Syndicate members would ask buyers to deposit money into an account belonging to certain individuals but refused to conduct any transaction over the phone. Police are checking the relationship between the bank account holder and the three people arrested. Eight bank ATM cards were seized from the three people detained including two women. Initial investigation found that the man had used a genuine USM degree belonging to his sister

Cambodia ripe for more exports

HCM CITY — Cambodia offers plenty of oppor-tunities for Vietnamese exporters although there is intense competition from countries such as Thailand and China, delegates said at a conference in HCM City last Thursday.   Le Quoc Phong, general director of the Binh Dien Fertiliser Group, said the Cambodian market had been familiar with fertilisers imported from Thailand and China. Therefore, the company faced difficulties in the initial step of penetrating the market. Thanks to providing training courses for its sale agents as well as farmers, the company had gradually won consumers' confidence in its products. As a result, sales had increased strongly in recent years, Phong said. He said last year the company earned US$50 million from the export of 90,000 tonnes of fertilisers to the Cambodia market. It expects to export130,000 tonnes of fertilisers worth $70 million this year. Kao Sieu Luc, general director of ABC Bakery, also said Cambodia had very high expor