Thursday 5 July 2012

Draft Sub-decree on Establishing Cambodia Food Reserve System Discussed

AKP Phnom Penh, July 04, 2012

Sub-decree on the Establishment of Cambodia Food Reserve System has been drafted, aimed at strengthening the institutional capacity for emergency response to food crisis and improvement of food security in Cambodia.

Drafting of the sub-decree is part of implementing the ADB-financed Emergency Food Assistance Project (EFAP), which begun in 2009 to assist the vulnerable, poor people during the time of global financial downturn and the soaring prices of fuel, food and agricultural inputs.
Seminar for discussing the draft sub-decree took place in Phnom Penh Tuesday. It was chaired by H.E. Aun Porn Monirath, Secretary of State to the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), with the participation of representatives from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Cambodia and the concerned national and sub-national organizations and agencies.

The draft sub-decree is one of the achievements obtained under the operation of the Emergency Food Assistance Project, with more than US$30 million funded by ADB and over US$5 million contributed by the Royal Government of Cambodia, said H.E. Vong Sandap, MEF Deputy Secretary-General and the EFAP Project Director.

ADB Representative Peter Brimble said that the Asia Development Bank supported and saw the satisfactory result in the EFAP implantation, including the activities in strengthening of agricultural production and providing seeds to farmers.

He further said that ADB would continue to cooperate with the Royal Government of Cambodia in setting up a new project, the Cambodia Food Reserve System, for developing the food security in Cambodia, and to provide food assistance in case of risks by natural disasters, climate change and to help alleviate the poverty as well.

Relating to the draft sub-decree, MEF Secretary of State H.E. Aun Porn Monirath recommended three key points, namely the reserved husked rice of 10,000 tons; the reserved fund of US$2.5 million; and reserved rice seeds of 3,000 tons.

By Ravuth M.

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