Sunday 7 October 2012

Research networks, PhD training and international activity on the rise

In World Blog, Rahul Choudaha argues that universities should learn from BlackBerry's over-confidence not to overlook the significance of MOOCs. A study of PhD education in East Asia, Southern Africa and Latin America has shown that universities across the world are looking to build research capacity and are increasing the number of doctoral graduates they produce, Thomas Ekman Jørgensen reveals in Commentary.

Loveness Kaunda describes a special interest group focusing on curriculum internationalisation in an African context, launched recently by the International Education Association of South Africa, and Qiang Zha writes that more and younger Chinese students are studying abroad as a result of poor quality and uneven education in China.

Yojana Sharma interviews Sharifah Hapsah Syed Hasan Shahabudin, vice-chancellor of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, who is one of just two women university leaders in Malaysia, and in Features she speaks to participants at a British Council conference on research networks in East Asia, who called for greater collaboration between Asian and international universities to boost research output in the region.

Helena Flusfeder investigates the controversial move by Israel’s Council for Higher Education to close the politics and government department at Ben-Gurion University, and its implications for academic freedom, and Patrick Boehler reports on an overseas campus being established in Laos by China’s Soochow University – which is Laos’ first foreign campus.

Karen MacGregor Global Editor

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